Hello love! I'm Christine.

I was raised in London, England and now I'm lucky enough to call Los Angeles home.

While I played a lot of sports as a kid, once leaving school I became incredibly inactive and picked up an unfortunate coke habit (coca-cola guys, c'mon).

While I had moments here and there where I picked my body apart, I more often than not ate what I wanted, when I wanted.

My disordered eating started after deciding to join a friend on her diet in my mid twenties. We aggressively restricted our calories, sometimes turning to sleep instead of food. This eventually led me to binging, which became a daily occurrence.

Fast forward 6 years...

I stumbled on a transformation picture on Instagram and was inspired in a completely new way. While I did completely fall in love with fitness, in hindsight I thought this would "fix" my binging. It didn't.

As I transitioned into bodybuilding, my binging worsened and I fell into the all too common binge/restrict cycle. I thought abs, endless compliments about my body and racking up wins would make me feel good about myself, grow my confidence. I discovered that it did quite the opposite. 

Even after 5 overall wins and 11 first place wins, I was more confident about my body BEFORE fitness. Instead, I allowed fitness to cause me to be more critical of my body.

In my beginning years as a trainer, I told people what to eat and criticised them for lack of discipline.

I wasn't "successful" unless my clients lost weight.

Everything came to a head after a particularly brutal break up. Brutal because it showed me how little I valued myself and that broke my heart more than anything else.

It turned out that this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I discovered my resilience, my strength, and that I had to take a look at what was happening inside of me if I wanted to break any of these harmful cycles. I also realised that I didn't care if my clients had abs. I cared about how they felt about themselves. The thing is dieting didn't help them feel better about themselves or their bodies. They became more neurotic, more self critical and often ended up gaining more weight than they lost. It was a broken system, designed to make us fail and I cared too much about them to keep doing them a disservice.

I've learned that you can't make huge lasting changes without starting with the inner work.

I've learned that you don't need to lose weight in order to love yourself but you may actually release weight as you begin to love yourself more. Especially if you suffer from binging.

In all of this I discovered that my mission is to help women learn to love themselves and thus discover that they are powerful beyond measure. That's why I'm here, because you deserve a life better than one of restriction. You are SO much more than your body. EVERYTHING is connected. How are you supposed to discover and carry out your life's purpose when your energy is preoccupied with taking up less space in the world?

You are going to save someones life one day, and it's not going to be by telling them how to get smaller.

I'm glad you're here.


You are a goddess.

This video is dedicated to every woman who has been taught that deprivation is normal, that aligning your personal value with the way you look is expected. That if you can't stop eating, it's a discipline problem. I myself experienced this lie for 12 years, and am here to tell you it's not your fault. The confidence you’re seeking won’t be found in the next diet but actually already exists within you and I will show you how to access it!