What is "Lovefull Eating"?

By Christine Ajisafe

When people eat for love they:

  • Hope to be a different or "better" size
  • Avoid negative or scary emotions by eating
  • Strive for perfection through calorie restriction
  • Regularly feel guilt surrounding food

When people eat with love they:

  • Choose a variety of foods that make them feel good
  • Are very tuned in to emotional and/or hunger cues
  • Practice self-compassion, not perfection
  • Savor and enjoy the food they eat

The Lovefull Eating Method

The Lovefull Eating Method is a holistic method to heal disordered eating (under or overeating) and poor body image. Lovefull Eating is eating with love instead of for love

If eating for love sounds like you, this is the time to recognize that you’ve been fed a lie. 

The lie that your body size has anything to do with your worth. The lie that you have to endure punishment to have a worthy body. The lie, over and over that the only thing that stands in between you and happiness is the roll around your midsection, or the way your thighs rub together when you walk.⁣⁣

When I think of Lovefull Eating, I think of a belly full of love. You’re not eating your feelings because the void you are experiencing—the one that propels you to overeat—instead begins to fill with love. And this love is not easily drained by others, because it's not filled by the receiving of love.

Lovefull Eating incorporates 3 pillars: mind, body and soul—which all need to be in place for success.

  • Mind includes your identity and how you see yourself. This is important because it determines the actions you will take.

  • The body needs to run efficiently for optimum happiness. This includes learning to tune into your body and actively manage its current state. 

  • Our soul is perhaps the most important part, because this is the pillar that needs to be in the right place to enjoy feelings of fulfillment.

Your body doesn't ask for more food than it needs. So the question to ask yourself is: if it's not satiety, what am I getting from food? 

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