Get the Money, Relationships and Freedom you crave with this SUPER simple method (that almost nobody is talking about).

Discover the secret to manifesting everything you want with a unique form of affirmations that *actually* work! 

Show me!!

Embodied Affirmations 🎉

Discover a quick and easy method for getting exactly what you want. The dream job, dream lifestyle (dream bank account- helloooo), and even dream relationships!

What if you're not doing anything wrong? What if you've just got stuck energy that requires a NEW method to get you moving and manifesting?! 

If you feel like you've TRIED EVERYTHING (I see you with your vision boards, affirmation screen saver, and hourly "I am..." phone reminders) but you're still not feeling like the magical manifestor you know you're meant to be...this is for you!

What makes Embodied Affirmations different?

Let's be honest. Affirmations DON'T work. They're about tricking the mind. You might find yourself desperately trying to remember the perfect affirmation when you need it. 🙈

Embodied Affirmations are about the energy that's felt and exists in the body. Everything we have or don't have is about how we feel in our body and it's the part most people ignore.

Embodied Affirmations aren't about trickery, they're about truly BECOMING your affirmation. 

Can you imagine that?

If you're ready to...

  • Transform fearful money beliefs (like "it's all going to run out" or "I never have enough")  into powerful self-fulfilling beliefs.
  • Develop new beliefs around consistency so you can take action and develop habits that serve you.
  • Move through anxious feelings and overthinking patterns without accepting and reacting to them as truth.
  • Learn the language of your body so that you can activate your intuition and intentional manifesting in a whole new, super effective way. 

Then you're going to LOVE the Embodied Affirmations Guide 🤩

Learn what Embodied Affirmations are and why they are 100x better than the normal affirmations everyone else is doing, in my FREE guide.

Meet Christine

Self-Love Expert and Business Coach, Christine Ajisafe, is here to help women allow themselves to receive the love they deserve (especially from themselves). 

Formerly an international bodybuilder, Christine shifted to coaching after healing herself from a 12-year journey with bulimia. One night, on her knees in the bathroom after an especially harrowing day of binging and purging, Christine vowed that when she got through this, she would help women all over the world heal their relationship with their bodies and food.

Other fun facts about Christine: She serves as a coach in The Royal Shaman vortex AND for James Wedmore's Business By Design. Christine's favourite part about her life is her 6 brothers and 6 sisters. She loves dancing and deep conversations about the miraculousness and expansiveness of the universe, self-love, diet culture, addiction, eating disorders, belief systems, and health.